29 weeks prego and feeling like a punching bag, but in a really good way


This week marks my 29th week of pregnancy, and little Darby Cooper is the most active he has been to date. I was getting kicks and jabs at 5:30 this morning, when he usually waits until I’m comfortably on the Interstate to start rolling around. I can’t complain though; despite the increasing strength of his movements — which can cause some discomfort and me to cry out, “Take it easy, boy!” — feeling him move around still makes me smile and feel even closer to him. Aside from some major fatigue and some pesky headaches that like to linger for a couple of days at a time, this pregnancy has gone really well has been, overall, pretty enjoyable. 

I am convinced that I got pregnant when I did for a reason, and I’m thankful for it. My fiance and I needed a change in lifestyle, and what better reason to finally grow up than this amazing life that we have created together?