New venue, new perspective.


Again with the hiatus! Apologies, my fabulous, loyal readers. Since my last entry, circumstances changed — as they often do in life — and my son and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama.

Why Alabama? I say, why not? It is incredible how a change of scenery can change your entire perspective on life. No more hustle and bustle of ATL. No more ridiculous commute.

My biggest accomplishment thus far? Surviving my son’s first upper respiratory infection! It hit him fast and hard and took about a week to kick, but he is back to being my ornery, giggly boy. It definitely was not easy taking care of sick baby with my parents being 8.5 hours away, but I’m proud that I was able to handle it all on my own. He has an excellent pediatrician and compassionate ladies at daycare who called to check on him.

I see big things happening for me here.

As always, I am open to new writing projects, so feel free to contact me!


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