Why we should hold on to our inner child


Last night, I decided to create an Excel spreadsheet of the writing jobs I have acquired since living in Alabama. Within three weeks, I was awarded 7 writing jobs on a freelancing website I subscribe to and scour religiously each day. While most are just one-time jobs, I am ecstatic to be building my portfolio at a much more rapid rate than before, and I get work on a diverse set of projects with clients from all over the country.

When I lost my job last year at 8 months pregnant, I attempted to launch my writing career through Craigslist ads and freelancing websites, but only got about 3 jobs in 2 months, and none offered additional work. It was discouraging, but I kept at it. I took a break once my son was born just so I could completely bask in the glow of motherhood and watch and snuggle him 24/7, then other jobs came up that landed me back in another office doing the same old thing. Now, I’m in a different place, and I am fortunate enough to have the resources to be able to survive without an office job.

I was about 9 years old when I discovered poetry and started writing regularly soon after. My career goal was to be Editor-in-Chief of Rolling Stone. That might not be in the cards for me now, but what is in the cards, what is attainable and happening as I type this is the opportunity to be a professional writer. I now have the opportunity to connect with clients, keep my portfolio fresh and current, and I get to work on projects of all shapes and sizes. I am learning what works with job bids and what doesn’t; how to negotiate rates with clients; and how to market myself for long-term projects. If an office job pops up along the way, great — if it’s the right move, I’ll take it (afterall, I do have a son for whom to provide). But, until then, to know that I can earn a semi-sustainable income just on my writing alone is of incredible comfort to me and something I’m sure the 9 year-old me would be super excited about.


New venue, new perspective.


Again with the hiatus! Apologies, my fabulous, loyal readers. Since my last entry, circumstances changed — as they often do in life — and my son and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama.

Why Alabama? I say, why not? It is incredible how a change of scenery can change your entire perspective on life. No more hustle and bustle of ATL. No more ridiculous commute.

My biggest accomplishment thus far? Surviving my son’s first upper respiratory infection! It hit him fast and hard and took about a week to kick, but he is back to being my ornery, giggly boy. It definitely was not easy taking care of sick baby with my parents being 8.5 hours away, but I’m proud that I was able to handle it all on my own. He has an excellent pediatrician and compassionate ladies at daycare who called to check on him.

I see big things happening for me here.

As always, I am open to new writing projects, so feel free to contact me!

Close your eyes and jump…..into the Big City we go! aka We’ve relocated!


Remember my last post about my permanent departure from the legal field?

Well, just as I suspected, I’m back in it. My “late-twenties” crisis (???) lasted all of 2 months. What happened? you ask? Well, I’ll tell you….

The Internet Sales job was not at all what it was cracked up to be. While I worked with great people who were all, save a few, around my age, I just couldn’t get into it as a career. What sounded to me like an exciting adventure quickly dwindled into something slightly more exciting than the world of telemarketing, which, essentially, was the undisclosed part of my job description. Or, perhaps it was disclosed, and I was so frustrated with where I was at, I just didn’t care. 

The point is, I thought getting out of law would replenish my sanity, or at least allow me to maintain the little that I had left. I was wrong. So wrong, that I started to rethink my entire life. Was I happy where I was living? No. How could I make more money? Time to relocate. And, so we did.

Within two weeks of submitting my resume to law firms and legal staffing agencies in the Atlanta area, I had interviews scheduled. Interviews with some of the top firms in the city. After a total of four weeks, my fiancé and I had packed up the house and were driving to the house of our very generous and kind-hearted friends who have opened their house up to house while we get on our feet. I am now an insurance defense paralegal for one of the most prestigious law firms in Atlanta.

I get up at 5:30am every day to be at work by 8am. I drive a one-hour commute in the morning, and about a 1.5 hour commute in the evening. My gas bill has tripled, and times are still tough, but we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My bosses and coworkers are fantastic, and I am networking like crazy. They have been incredibly welcoming and supportive while I get acclimated. My office has a door, which, to some of you may sound trivial, but believe me, it’s a perk. My salary has nearly tripled, and the benefits are insane. For the first time in 4 years, I have health insurance! So far, I’m loving where I work. I still get butterflies when I drive into the city in the morning and see all the high-rise buildings reaching up into the clouds. I think to myself, Wow, this is my life now. ATL!!!! Sure, it’s cheesy, but it keeps a smile on my face. The opportunities here seem limitless, and I feel inspired and empowered every day that I am here to go after my dreams.

So, all you Atlanta folks who may be readings this…….contact me, asap! I need to meet new people here! J