Thursday Randomness


This post is all about sharing some of this week’s randomness. Here we go:

1.  While listening to my favorite morning radio show during my commute to work today, they posed an interesting questions: Would you ever date someone who didn’t drink? As a former avid drinker myself (it’s amazing how having a kid will change you!), I couldn’t help but compare myself pre-pregnancy v. myself now, as a mom. I know that, pre-pregnancy, I didn’t hang out with one person who didn’t drink (except my mom). Now, I prefer to keep those Moscato nights few and far between.

2. One thing that never gets old to me about working in Midtown Atlanta is the characters you come across on a daily basis. Yesterday, I was sitting at a cafe in my building and watched someone literally walk circles around the building. He looked as happy as could be, walking in circles in the cold.  Building security didn’t even budge to ask about him.

3. Meanwhile, down the street at GA Tech, a student was found to be in possession of molotov cocktails and gasoline He sounds brilliant!

Any randomness happening for you this week? Leave it in the comments section!


Ready to roar


I woke up this morning with an insane amount of energy and enthusiasm. Could it be the two slices of peanut butter-covered white bread I had for breakfast? Perhaps, but I’m guessing it has more to do with the “Fake it ’til you make it” mentality I have recently adopted. 

I am beyond excited to make 2014 my biggest year ever, at least career-wise. I have knocked down the doors to so many promising opportunities, and while it may be a lot to juggle at first, I can’t wait to get started. I’m up for it. I’m ready. 

Like Katy Perry sings, “You’re gonna hear me roar!”

What are you super excited about lately? 

Time flies!


Time flies when you’re offline!

Now that the first month of 2014 is over, and the ice has thawed beneath my feet (and let’s hope it stays that way, ATL!), I can get back to focusing on this blog — time to get it organized and get consistent.

I have some new projects in the works which should keep my butt in gear, and I am excited about that. My son is growing like a bad weed, and I just started a new job in Midtown, so life is crazy, but still tremendously beautiful.

Please be sure to follow my blog so you can catch all the forthcoming updates and see what exactly I have in store. 🙂

What are some of your goals for 2014? What are you hellbent and bound to accomplish this year?

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29 weeks prego and feeling like a punching bag, but in a really good way


This week marks my 29th week of pregnancy, and little Darby Cooper is the most active he has been to date. I was getting kicks and jabs at 5:30 this morning, when he usually waits until I’m comfortably on the Interstate to start rolling around. I can’t complain though; despite the increasing strength of his movements — which can cause some discomfort and me to cry out, “Take it easy, boy!” — feeling him move around still makes me smile and feel even closer to him. Aside from some major fatigue and some pesky headaches that like to linger for a couple of days at a time, this pregnancy has gone really well has been, overall, pretty enjoyable. 

I am convinced that I got pregnant when I did for a reason, and I’m thankful for it. My fiance and I needed a change in lifestyle, and what better reason to finally grow up than this amazing life that we have created together? 

Back…in full effect!


I have returned from an unintended hiatus from blogging. What have I been doing in the meantime, you seem to ponder?

Well, here’s some big news: Prego! And not the sauce-in-a-jar variety! My fiance and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in July. We’re pretty excited! 

We’ve both been working overtime, trying to save money and everything else the books and websites suggest. It’s been a wild ride so far — moving into a new house and preparing for a baby, not to mention still getting acclimated to a new city! Despite the craziness, it has been amazing so far, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

So, now that things have settled down, stay tuned to see what other surprises I have in store!