I am Southern, and I am Anti-Snow.


Good morning, folks! 

During my morning commute today, the DJ’s were all stuck on this pending “Snowpocalypse Pt. II”. The rumor is that this week will be worse than the one we had two weeks ago, the one that put me out of work for four (unpaid) days. I’m originally from Coastal SC, so driving in snow and ice is completely foreign to me — but put me in a torrential downpour or a hurricane, and I’m good to go. 

I have seen snow two other times in my life that I can remember, and I was too young then to have to worry about driving in it. I could put the Ziploc bags over my shoes (It’s the South…who has snowshoes??) and run around for about 20 minutes before running back into the house to thaw out in front of the fireplace.

So, this begs the question, if I am out of work for a couple of days, what in the world am I going to do to survive all of that downtime? Here are few ideas:

1. Spend some time with my kid, although this did prove detrimental to me during my involuntary 4-day vacation. I got so used to being with him 24/7 again, that I dreaded going back to work — and I actually enjoy where I work!

2. Work on my taxes. Why not? I could use that refund right about now! 

3.  I’m fine on groceries and baby food for the rest of the week. So, food goal: Find a kick-ass new pork chop recipe and make my neighbors jealous with the aromatic food smells wafting from my apartment.

4. More freelance work! This would be a good time to send me some project ideas, j/s 🙂

5. Find a new TV show to get addicted to on Netflix. Still waiting on the new season of Orange is the New Black.  

I’m sure this list will grow the longer I’m off work. But, for now, I’m going to churn out as many memos and letters as I can, and hope and pray that this disastrous “devil’s dandruff” (how’s that for alliteration?) is a just an exaggeration, and flurries will be the greatest of my worries.

How’s the weather where you are? If you’re experiencing some unusual winter weather, how are you coping?

How’s the weather where you are? 




25 thoughts on “I am Southern, and I am Anti-Snow.

  1. I cannot wait for for the return of Orange is the New Black! I grew up in New Jersey and currently live in the Boston area. I’m very much used to snow, but I can’t say I always enjoy it. (We’ve had several large snowfalls already this winter, and I’m totally done with it!)

  2. Ugh, I was working at home all day yesterday and we peeked outside and saw that it snowed again! I’m from Panama City (FL) and I do not like the snow! Not one bit! I did live in Boston for 11 years and you’d think I’d be used to it. NO.

  3. I was born in South Carolina and live in Missouri for about 8 years. Now I live in South Dakota so I fully understand the difference in winter from the North to the South! Were so use to the cold and snow up here that we get excited for the temp to be in the twenties! It’s been below zero for the last month. But we choose to live here so we really can’t complain 🙂

  4. Love this post Ashley! I’m in Cali and its about 54 degrees here. I love winter though, probably because we don’t get any snow and I never really got over moving here from the east coast 20 years ago! I can totally relate to finding a new show on Netflix to pass the time. I am eagerly awaiting the return of Orange is the New Black as well as House of Cards. Have you checked that one out? It returns next Friday. Enjoy your downtime! (And I think finding a new pork chop recipe and making the neighbors drool is an awesome idea! 🙂

  5. I saw a few flakes today but I LOVE snow so it was a good thing for me. 🙂 I’m from AZ now living in NC and I’m loving the difference in weather. I don’t work outside the home though, or else being trapped inside would get to me and I might not like the snow as much as I do.

    Sounds like you have some great things planned. way to go at making the most of it!!

  6. I am not Southern, but I want to be! I have lived in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Ohio my entire life and am SICK of the snow! I am not a snow/cold person… at all. I like one day of the pretty stuff and then I am good for the year. My husband and I talk about moving south one day all the time, lol!
    Sounds like you have a great snow day activity list going there!
    And seriously, Mother Nature- NO MORE SNOW! :p

  7. Just today driving home, I asked out loud if the snow was ever going to stop. We currently have about 3 feet of snow on our back deck right now. It’s pretty normal to get 1-3 inches everyday here in Michigan! I’ve had a few ‘snow days’ from work this year – and that hasn’t happened in forever! Hopefully you don’t get hit with too much snow, but if you do, enjoy your days off, even if they are unpaid!

    Stopping by from The SITS Comment Love Challenge!

  8. I am SO over this snow and cold, St. Louis is FREEZING and it just won’t stop dumping on us. I hate how everyone’s all “You’re used to that though, right?” Um, no. We are not. This is nuts. AND, I too cannot wait for “Orange…” to start up season two, love. If you haven’t already try “GIRLS”, “Shameless”, and “Mr. Selfridge” for new shows…all great. Here’s hoping it starts warming up VERY soon!

  9. This is the winter that doesn’t end! Here in Atlanta we were the laughing stock of the country last time and we might end up with that title again this time! I’m stopping by from the SITS GIRLS comment love!

  10. I am in Virginia and we are supposed to get 12 inches! I am excited for it – I could use a few days getting stuff done at home! And taxes sounds like a fabulous idea! Visiting from SITS.

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