Thursday Randomness


This post is all about sharing some of this week’s randomness. Here we go:

1.  While listening to my favorite morning radio show during my commute to work today, they posed an interesting questions: Would you ever date someone who didn’t drink? As a former avid drinker myself (it’s amazing how having a kid will change you!), I couldn’t help but compare myself pre-pregnancy v. myself now, as a mom. I know that, pre-pregnancy, I didn’t hang out with one person who didn’t drink (except my mom). Now, I prefer to keep those Moscato nights few and far between.

2. One thing that never gets old to me about working in Midtown Atlanta is the characters you come across on a daily basis. Yesterday, I was sitting at a cafe in my building and watched someone literally walk circles around the building. He looked as happy as could be, walking in circles in the cold.  Building security didn’t even budge to ask about him.

3. Meanwhile, down the street at GA Tech, a student was found to be in possession of molotov cocktails and gasoline He sounds brilliant!

Any randomness happening for you this week? Leave it in the comments section!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Randomness

  1. I am not a “non-drinker” per se, but I don’t drink very often at all. I have no problem hanging out with drinkers, but I think it makes my husband uncomfortable sometimes when he’s drinking and I’m not.

  2. I am a non drinker and I hang out with people who drink on occasion. It always feels like they have some joke going on and I am the only one too slow to find it funny. I don’t see any problem with a non drinker and a social drinker having a relationship. But, it is best to stay away from drunks.

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