For the purpose of staying productive


Things that have floated into my mind that I suddenly feel the urge to create the following Must-Do-Soon List:

1. Figure out a budget. Money stack < Bill stack. This must change, effective immediately.

2. The third bedroom must no longer be used as a storage room/crash pad. I will clear out all the junk, wash dirty laundry, organize what’s worth keeping, and set it up as a legitimate office/guest room.

3. Find legitimate supplemental income. I am happy to say that I have two meetings coming up within the week that I am super excited about.

4. Learn to cook something other than pasta. I’m sure my fiance would appreciate it.

5. Organize my Pinterest and Facebook accounts into something a little more professional. I have grown weary of the clutter.

6. Learn how to better market myself. Thank you, Pinterest, for the infographics.


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