Why blog?


About a year ago, I started a blog (that has somehow been misplaced) with the intention of acquiring writing gigs and writing x-amount of articles per month. The whole idea behind this was to get me back in the writing groove. I graduated with a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing about six years ago. I was fortunate enough to have some of my work published while still in college – and got paid for it – but, after graduation, I concentrated more on establishing a career and let my writing fall by the wayside.

A good friend of mine kept asking me why I wasn’t writing anymore. She told me she believed that writing was my calling and that I was wasting the talent I had been given. I kept telling her, “Writing isn’t making me any money. I’ve got student loans to pay, a car note, insurance, etc. I have to work a 9-5.” Finally, one day, a light came on, and I realized how unhappy I was not writing. So, I started a blog in an attempt to discipline myself back into writing on a regular basis.

Epic fail.

I scoured my small town for months trying to find writing opportunities. Classes, freelance gigs, anything to get me back to where I’ve always known I belong. Living in a small town makes this incredibly difficult. I even advertised writing/proofreading services online, but to no avail. Just when I thought about giving up, my writing was accepted to not one, but two, social media sites: Eat Sleep Play Beaufort and The Levo League.

So, I have decided to try this blogging thing again. Since I am finally back to writing on a regular basis, it shouldn’t be too hard to remember to update this site as well. I am thrilled to have my byline back out there and welcome more opportunities to write.

I hope y’all enjoy this blog. Stay tuned….much more to come! 🙂


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